God and mother-in-law

Mother in law is visiting. Am about to set off for an important appointment. She tells me, “You should light the lamp and pray to God.”

I light the lamp meekly and fold my hands in prayer. But, the only forced prayer I can get out of me is, “Please God, please make mother in law stop forcing her ideas on me. I can’t survive two months of her visit if this continues.”

I stop pretending to pray and turn around to her and try to explain to her why this is all so wrong. I tell her, “I know you believe God is in the idol and photograph and praying to the inanimate symbols are the right things for you to do. But for me, God is everywhere, God exists for me in the trees, plants, animals, nature everywhere. My way of praying wouldn’t be by lighting a lamp and folding hands; but by keeping nature clean and treating every living creature with respect. I believe in communicating with God in my heart, and not with any outwardly show. That is my firm belief and if I go against my belief and start lighting lamps, I shall be doing something fake. By doing so, I shall only be bringing ill will towards me. By not being true to myself, I am not going to get God’s grace.”

It was difficult getting this message across, as we both speak different languages and the common language we both understand doesn’t come naturally to me. Still, I got the message across and she understood, but did not agree. She shook her head sadly but did not force me again for the two months…